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Where we came from & where we’re going


Our Story So Far

The Idea for Lana's

Back in 2013, partners in life and business, Cliff Crampton and Kellie Sheehy, identified that most of the fresh produce grown in the Bundaberg region was leaving the area before coming back for sale via the retailers. It seemed absurd that hundreds of kilometres was being put on our own fruit and vegetables before we could buy them.

Around the same time, markets such as Eat Street in Brisbane inspired by the rise of the ‘foodie’ culture, were being established and coming to prominence.

By 2014, Cliff and Kellie had attracted investors who agreed that Bundaberg would be the perfect location to establish a dedicated market precinct to showcase the region’s fresh produce as well as a range of cuisine, retail stalls, and entertainment.

So by mid-2014, planning of the site and discussions with local authorities were underway to establish a true regional hub providing a great experience for locals and visitors, and opportunities for local business people.

Who is Lana's named after?

Lana’s is named after Cliff’s late sister, Lana, who was a happy, vibrant, and giving person who always made people feel special and cared for. When the idea arose to create a happy, vibrant place where people would enjoy themselves and feel welcome, it seemed perfectly natural to name it after her.

The Bundaberg Market Site

Even though it took some time to come to fruition, we were never tempted to cut corners and take risks with this project. It was always our intention to plan for the long term and make sure this site was done properly from the very start.

So after much planning, construction started on the Bundaberg site in July 2016. On Saturday 27th May 2017, Lana’s opened in its night format with much praise coming forth on how well planned and constructed the site is.

As we put more stallholders and suppliers into place, the market will open for three sessions every weekend (Friday night, Saturday morning, & Saturday night) . ‘Lana’s will also be available outside of market hours for special events.

Once we have the existing market operating smoothly and close to capacity, we also have approval to build out over the adjacent easement, adding another 33 permanent stalls and seating for approx. 800 people.


One of the reasons we have taken our time to ensure the Bundaberg market is done properly, is that it will serve as a blueprint for new market sites in the future. Eventually we plan to establish a number of ‘Lana’s’ in regional cities around Queensland, adding to the list of great brands that started in Bundaberg.


The Building of Lana’s

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